Wake Up and Smell the Poetry 6/21/14

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Wake Up and Smell the Poetry;
HCAM Television; Hopkinton, MA;
June 21, 2014

Cheryl Perreault (host)
Teresa Mei Chuc (feature)
Elijah Imlay (feature)
Ergo Canto (feature)
Rosemary Ferraro-Michmerhuizen
Shelly Savren
Janvi Puri
Dan Tappan
Liam Pelacios
Brian Forsythe
Jess Whitman-Raymond
Cheryl Melody
Con Squires
Bonnie Bishop
Mark Hart
Harry Mishkin
Marilyn Rea Beyer
Branwen Cook
Dot Walsh
Ellen Schmidt
Jim Michmerhuizen
Johnny Flaherty
Polly Brown
Bill Thibodeau
Suzanne Owens
Sue Sannicandro
Mark Heiman
Ginger Gibeault
John Ritz
Junko Ogawa

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