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Some of the places where my photos have been published:


Some of my favorite venues for hearing music and photographing shows

  • Club Passim, one of the oldest folk music coffeehouses in the country. Great sound, and intimate viewing of a lot of great performers – over 300 shows a year.  Seating is also fairly intimate, it’s a small room with four person shared tables.
  • Amazing Things Arts Center, a nice local arts center in Framingham MA which presents a variety of music and other acts.
  • The Circle of Friends Coffeehouse in Franklin MA
  • The Me & Thee Coffeehouse  in Marblehead MA
  • The Homegrown Coffeehouse in Needham MA
  • The Parlor Room in Northampton MA. A fairly new venue presenting a lot of quality acts
  • The Burren Somerville. A bar which strongly supports the local music scene. Since this is a bar it’s not as much of a listening room as some of the above but still a good place to hear acts that might not play the larger rooms.

As long as I’m mentioning venues, I should note a few which are not good for concert photography, and in fact are pretty poor listening rooms in general:

  • Johnny D’s in Somerville MA. This used to be an ok venue with a lot of good acts, but over the past few years they’ve come up with some seating policies which make it very unpleasant. First, they started charging extra for dinner seating in areas with good views of the stage. This was annoying but acceptable; however they then began to set aside the entire area actually in front of the stage for standing “general admission”. The end result is that people who have paid extra for seating cannot actually see the stage because of the standing crowd. As an additional injury they GA crowd tends to talk during the show, so you can’t even hear the music well. We’ve stopped attending shows at Johnny D’s because of this.
  • The Calvin Theater in Northampton MA has a similar problem. They tend to reserve the area in front of the stage as a “dance area”. With the result that you can purchase what you think are good seats only to find that the people standing (generally not dancing) in front of the stage have blocked your view. On top of that, the last show we attended there the sound quality was atrocious. Again, we’ve stopped attending shows there.

Open Mikes

Some of the quality open mikes in the Boston area that I am familiar with:

See also the Boston area Open Mike list maintained by Sam Bayer.

Other Music Photographers

There are a number of other people in the Boston area who also photograph a lot of Concerts and other Music Events. These include:

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