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Some of the places where my photos have been published:


Some of my favorite venues for hearing music and photographing shows

  • Club Passim, one of the oldest folk music coffeehouses in the country. Great sound, and intimate viewing of a lot of great performers – over 300 shows a year. Seating is also fairly intimate, it’s a small room.
  • The Circle of Friends Coffeehouse in Franklin MA
  • The Me & Thee Coffeehouse  in Marblehead MA
  • The Homegrown Coffeehouse in Needham MA
  • The Parlor Room in Northampton MA. A fairly new venue presenting a lot of quality acts
  • The Burren Somerville. A bar which strongly supports the local music scene. Since this is a bar it’s not as much of a listening room as some of the above but still a good place to hear acts that might not play the larger rooms.

Open Mikes

Some of the quality open mikes in the Boston area that I am familiar with:

  • The PCA Open Mike in Westford, MA. A 10 year open mike run by John Ferullo
  • The Natick Center for Arts Open Mike. Tuesday nights, run by Mark Stepakoff.
  • The Club Passim Open Mike. Famous as the starting place for a lot of now professional musicians.

See also the Boston area Open Mike list maintained by Sam Bayer.

Other Music Photographers

There are a number of other people in the Boston area who also photograph a lot of Concerts and other Music Events. These include:

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