Acton Jazz Cafe Open Mike 3/31/14

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Acton Jazz Cafe Open Mike;
Acton, MA;
March 31, 2014

Mark Hastings
Dan Tappan
Brenda Asis (guest host)
Camille Breeze
Chris Boehmer
Terry Smith
Tom Hanlon & Leslie Bryant
Judith Christianson
Mary Pratt
Harriet Hart
Cosy Sheridan (mini-set)
Carla Schwartz
Dan Hart
Bev Rodriguez & Rick Quimby
Amy Lohman
Brad Meyer (feature)
Charlie Koch (feature)
Colette O’Connor
John Boehmer
Buffie Groves
Laura Gold
Sandra Waddock
Suzanne Owens
SnakeĀ Gulliksen
Hana Kahn
Amanda Maffei
Chris Nauman
Cooper & Kenneally
Gail Finnie
Woody Carpinella
Dan Howard
Kenny Selcer
Del Smart
Terence Hegarty
Ben Blum

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  1. Thanks, Dan, for the excellent photos! Wonderful to have documentation of this magnificent evening!

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